Marja been entertaining for many years, small or large parties, with unique /exquisite attention to detail:  transforming the evening into a special and memorable event.


Recently Concierge of New York City 5 star hotel called on Chef Marja : create an 8 course tasting menu for 2 : Christmas Day..
» Japanese cucumber cups: Shiso Salmon tartare/Wasabi Tobiko
» Tiny Pumpkin & Edamame Dumplings / Ponzu Dip           Main Course:
» Clear Broth
» Endive, apple& hijiki  salad : Sesame vinaigrette
» Marja's Famous 'Miso Black Cod '
» Dark Choclate& Raspberry / Desert Dumplings
» Homemade Clementine Gelato


Fab Fun Summertime Rooftop Celebration with   Dumpling Demo & a B.B.Q. :informal cooking instruction :25 guests / Moonlit sky. 'How to' prepare 4 different kinds of Dumplings:
» Pork & Prune
» Tuna Tartare
» Shitake Mushroom
» Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella
» Marja’s ‘Orange Choclates’: Madame de Pompadour's favorite..


Traveling as Private Chef with clients, in this case 

 South of France : create an ‘al fresco’ lunch/ pick nicque..

» Tiny Toast Points, Creme Fraiche with Local Caviar & Glass Champagne
Main Course:
» Langoustines, Scallops sautéed wFresh Basil & dash o' Pernod > > Mache & Nasturtium Salad
> Warm Pear William Tartlets , Pear & Pepper Sorbet


For inauguration of new Lower East Side Gallery, still under construction: no lights, kitchen, etc., Marja presents a formal, sit-down dinner:  50 guests. ( creating 'instant dining room' w rental tables, chairs, crew,Flowers ,lighting candles.)
» Curried Potato Soup w  Cheddar Cheese Straws
Main Course:
» Galantine of Chicken Breast w  Spinach & Walnuts
» Radicchio & Pomegranate salad
» Toasted Chocolate bread 'Sandwich'/Creme Chantilly


'Uptown' Holiday Buffet dinner/ h’ors d’oeuvres :  30 guests  client’s private residence:
» Shitake Mushroom Dumplings /Secret Soy dip
» Daikon Chip / Miso pate 
» Black Risotto w Seafood (Shrimp, Monkfish& Baby Squid)
» Roas Heritage Pork loin,  Garlic & Rosemary au Jus Naturel
» Caramelized Fennel
» String Beans  tossed warm Cherry Tomatoes, thyme
» Frisee ,roast hazelnuts  & Balsamic Redux
» Baked Celery Root w winter Truffle / Mushrooms

» Marja's Legendary 'Linzertorte' w whipped cream
» Fresh Mixed Berries & Home-made Biscotti